Disease and Pest free crops

The chemical companies are doing us, as farmers, no favours in brain washing us into believing that plant pests and disease exist due to intensive farming practices. This is not true, as pests and disease will not infest a healthy and well balanced plant. This may sound far fetched but was proved more than 30 years ago by Francis Chaboussou, a French botanist. With his theory of Trophobiosis he proved that disease and insects attacks on plants has it's primary cause in poor plant nutrition. What this means is that the plant, due to a chemical imbalance or contamination by water soluble chemicals,  will produce a protein that attracts insects and disease. This is a method of keeping the specie healthy by preventing poor seed developement. Call it self-destruction. Our present chemical farming methods cause this condition and as such the plant attracts disease and insects and we spray more chemicals and by doing so cause more diseases and insect investations. This become a vicious cycle.

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Published: 2007-06-19

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