Affmech cc also involved with herbal medicine

It was a logical progression for Affmech cc to become involved in natural medicine. The need for healthy soils and environments is beyond doubt,  but unfortunately the link between those and human wellbeing is little understood. The same principle that keeps soil and plants healthy is what keeps us as humans, and animals, healthy. Free of chemical interference!.

In the same way that chemical fertilisers and sprays cause disease in plants, and hence attract insects, so too chemicals give rise to  disease and chronic ailments in humans. All the colorants, preservatives in processed food, combined with pesticides on fresh products,  cause disease and allergic responses in our bodies. Unfortunately we do not all have access to fresh organic food due to urbanisation so we have to have medication.  Fortunately, increasingly we have a choice of using natural medicine or pure chemical medicine. Not for one moment do I suggest that chemical medicine is all bad as there are real life saving drugs on the market with which a lot of people cannot live. It is on the preventitive side that there is a herbal and natural alternative.

This is where Affmech cc is involved. We have developed a range of natural herbal products (and continue to expand the range), some of which are not available anywhere else. Our extraction process is also the most efficient method known, and allows us to provide preventative medicines that have proven outcomes.  Contact us for more information on medicine.


Published: 2010-05-12

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