Practical use of probiotic derived from earthwormson ticks in dairy herd

Results of using HPP Probiotic by Fanie Oosthuizen Witbank



  • 70 hectare Pasture consisting of kukuju, rye and clover established in 2008.
  • Total of 350 animals kept on pastures (milkers & followers)
  • Had to dip bi-weekly with pour-on dips which was changed regular.
  • Redwater and gallsickness was prolific and terramycin  and dizene were used. 4 litres of Terramycin la was used per month.
  • The vet was involved and blood send to Onderstepoort but none of the medication made a difference.
  • 60 cattle a result of the outbreak. Costing for year
  • Dip-R2800/month      =  R 33600.00
  • Terr. LA R1300/month =R15600.00
  • Dizene  R  900/month= R 10800.00
  • 60cattle    @ R6000   = R360000.00
  • Total                           = R420000.00
  • Loss of income due to reduction in milk, weight loss and oestrus cycle disruption is not taken in account.

Attended a Natural Organic Course in October 2008  and started using HPP Probiotic derived from earthworms.


·         Due to the severe ness of disease and desperation, 1 dessert spoon was fed to each animal

·         On 3rd day all animals improved and infection stopped

·         Cow dung became firm on 3rd day as well without any hay.



  • Dipped once in December 2008
  • No  more Redwater , gallsick and Hartwater infection till present date, October 2009
  • Butterfat increased by 0.75%
  • Anti-biotics only used for injuries or the odd lung infection
  • All calves reared with no diarrhoea
  • No more hay fed to animals


Total cost on medicine and dips less than R10000 for year




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