How to make and use earthworm casting as fertiliser in organic farming

Earthworm castings or vermicompost, can be produced from any organic waste. Waste such as animal manure or garden and kitchen waste can be fed to the worms . A small `kitchen unit` or a larger `garden unit` from Affmech cc. can be used to process small amounts of waste, for large amounts a windrow system is used .

Vermicompost a natural organic fertilizer which can be used on all crops without fear of 'burning' the plant, even seedlings. It contains all the natural hormones a plant needs and as it is slow release, fungal disease and insect damage are minimal. A very small amount is needed in comparison to ordinary compost and the recommendations are 6 cubic m/htr or 600 gm/sq.m . On seedlings ,10 - 30 gm per plant are enough to give it a good start. With good management, most crops can be grown with vermicompost.


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