Organic herb, medicinal and culinary herbs

To grow organic herbs the same method of cultivation is used as for vegetables, with a few exceptions. As most of the medicinal herbs are of European origin, planting times are critical. It is not only the northern and southern hemisphere difference but also length of daylight and rate of growth . Crops that are bi-annuals in Europe will flower and seed in 6 months here which affect root crops and result in reduced yield. Autumn planting instead of spring planting can increase the yield by 300% .Foliage crops on the other hand give a much higher yield as the long growing season benefits them but aditional vermicompost may be needed. Up to 3 additional light dressings of vermicompost may be needed to give good quality crops and a very good crop rotation program must be adhered to. Some trace elements are also more crucial in herbs than in vegetables . The pH of the soil is also of paramount importantance as some herbs originate from the mountains of Europe where the soils have a very low pH.

Most of the herbs require similar conditions to that required by vegetables and some even grow well in very poor rocky soil.


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